Nulla Carbon is focused on one thing:
simplify the process for organisations to understand and
invest in high impact carbon & nature projects.

Carbon & Nature Credit Planning

Model portfolios using market availability and pricing data

Combining data to enable companies to create their carbon offsetting strategy.  We do this by utilising a framework for our clients to create an internal price of carbon, identify suitable offsetting projects inline with their goals while taking into account project pricing for today and into the future.

Project Sourcing & Buying

Helping our clients to buy for today and to strategise future purchases of high quality carbon & nature projects

Actively pursue projects with ‘go beyond’ potential. Such projects not only sequester or remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere or the oceans, but also generate wider social and environmental impacts.

Credit Support & Management

Ongoing offsetting programme support

Monitor and report of your existing project purchases. While providing evaluation of new potential projects and relevant market developments. Supporting any internal or external communication information as needed.

Direct investments in Projects

Only 3% of credits issued in 2022 were removals

Organisations may want to invest directly into innovative technology or process based removals projects. These projects require advance investment to ultimately drive down the cost per tonne.  This can help organisation’s to ensure they have access to removal credits for 2030 and beyond in the future.