Every business is different. We take the approach to understand our clients' needs, and sustainability goals. We will custom-build a strategy while assuring our clients have the right data and information to manage their carbon offsetting journey.

When developing an offsetting strategy to address unabated emissions the following is key:


Go beyond the value chain by making investments outside a company’s science-based targets to help mitigate climate change elsewhere and keep the temperature rise below 1.5C.


Accelerate the development of climate solutions for cost-effective emission reductions and removals

Nulla Carbon’s approach to a carbon offsetting strategy aligns with best practice and science behind the Paris Agreement including:

This approach is inline with the drive global climate ambition to reach the 1.5⁰C goal

We want to make sure that all projects not only have a positive impact on the climate and are viable in the long term, but also enhance biodiversity, human rights, social justice, and the wellbeing of local communities.

We need every tool in the fight against climate change right now. Carbon offsetting, or abatement outside a company’s value chain, is a critically important and effective lever today. Moreover, these projects largely have additional social and /or environmental co-benefits (which in fact are in most cases the ultimate aim of the projects) that contribute to a just transition to a regenerative economy in a net zero world.