Our mission

Nature  is in crisis, placing human and planetary health at risk. This decade must be the turning point where we see the value of nature. To transform our world to one where economies and nature thrive we want to help finance $10 billion of global nature & carbon projects and to assist companies to fund these projects through the sale of nature and carbon credits

Our vision

Whether you are actively or passively participating, we are doing this for you, but we want to do it with you for our planet and the future generations. By working together, we can make a big difference.




Our core values

 Transitioning to a climate-neutral, asset-efficient, and equitable economy requires long-term climate financing.  






These core values also apply to our team, which is comprised of a varied group of people who are all driven by the same objective: to tackle the myriad environmental challenges our world faces. It is our work, but it’s our passion too.

Our People

Greg Birdthistle


Greg is a serial fintech entrepreneur, whose most recent success is a global digital tax business. He is committed to using his business, finance and relationship-building skills in the cause of sustainability.

Adrian Mulvihill

Adrian has 30 years’ experience in financial and business services, spending 20+ years with Fexco Group, one of Ireland’s leading private companies. He holds an MBA from London Business School.

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